Crypto needs accounting

At we are convinced, that a growing blockchain ecosystem requires intelligent accounting. Our mission is to empower businesses to embrace crypto payments, preparing for an industry built on blockchain.
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Essential features

Compliant crypto-to-fiat valuation

Every transaction is valued in your local currency at the exact market price at the time of occurring. Exchange rates are gathered by our modular API integration with numerous exchanges.

Automated calculation of token gains

Using received tokens to pay invoices creates gains and losses on the token holdings in the meantime. The automated calculation of these gains is based on the principle of “first-in-first-out” and supports precise reporting.

Identification of trading partners

Transacting with alphanumeric token addresses and smart contracts prevents accountants from keeping track of current payments. The automated labeling of addresses shows transparently who you are transacting with.

Attaching and creating invoices

Preparing regular reporting documents can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. Attaching invoices to a certain transaction makes it easy to store all your accounting information in one place.

Customized transaction labeling

Create individual automated rules or label transactions manually to assign them to different accounts and processes.

Essential and precise reporting

After aggregating and structuring all accounting data, different kinds of reports can be exported: portfolio or wallet transaction histories, ledger entries reports, income statements or portfolio performance reports.

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Some of our essential features are located in the “Transactions” tab of the web app.

1) Add and organize multiple wallets 2) Real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion 3) Automated currency gain calculation
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Embracing token based payments should be easy

Our mission is to empower small businesses and private investors by providing a simple and transparent way to integrate token based payments into their balance sheet.

The modular accounting platform for the public ledger economy

Choose from a pool of third party modules to customize the functionalities of to fit your needs. Your accounting software now complies with local tax requirements - it’s just one click. is the tailor-made accounting solution for your individual use case.

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We are at the heart of a network of industry professionals covering everything related to DLT, digital assets and tech. Furthermore, we rely on different tech partners to provide value to our clients.