Token-based accounting features all in one place


We believe, that a state-of-the-art accounting software has to be build upon blockchain technology. natively integrates token based payments and allows for features, that lead to the future of accounting.


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Log-in with Public Key, Metamask, Google & Apple

You do not want to share your data, and we do not want to store it. We only ask for the necessary information to give you the best user experience.

Disclaimer: If you log in with a public key, you can't create contacts and wallets since we won't store any information.

Real time portfolio overview

Track your portfolio value in real-time and get an overview of all your assets.

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Have all your wallets in one place

Connect, group, and organize addresses from multiple ledgers via the Wallets Screen.

Add and organize multiple contacts 

Add contacts to quickly identify transaction partners and preselect them when using invoice generation.

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Create additional documents

Export reports and other documents to meet your accounting and reporting requirements.

Fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto Invoicing 

Whether your employer wants to pay you in crypto or in fiat - you will receive your desired token.

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Decentralized Finance Integration

Have your swap, lending, staking and liquidity provision transactions seamlessly aggregated.